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Disney's Beauty and the Beast

by Alan Menken Howard Ashman and Tim Rice

Performed: April 2010

(LTC Youth)

Disney's Beauty and the Beast by Alan Menken Howard Ashman and Tim Rice

Review by Dave Stacey


A large and appreciative audience was transported to a magical world on the opening night of Beauty and the Beast at Burton Brewhouse on

It was magic in more ways than one. First there was the magic in the
story of a spell that turned a handsome prince into an ugly monster and his servants into enchanted objects - a clock, a candle, a teapot for instance.

Then there was the magic of a well-directed production in which the
junior section of Burton Little Theatre Company (LTC Youth) sang, danced and acted their way through the Disney version of the age-old tale, much told in many forms the world over.

Mitch Corner as the Beast and Grace Clarke as the beautiful Belle both delighted with excellent singing and with the emotion they put into their roles, ranging from hopelessness to joy. Mitch was magnificent in How Long Must This Go On? and If I Can't Love Her.

Nick Payne as what we used to call a male chauvinist pig - the conceited boor who could not accept that Belle did not want to be his wife and chattel - was another whose singing came over well. He was every inch the self-centred bully that the part demanded.

Outstanding among those enchanted objects were Tom Jones as the candle, Edward Robinson as the clock, Ellen Holmes as the kindly teapot and Jim Haywood as a talking, singing teacup.

It was the ensemble singing and dancing number which were the highlight of the show, demonstrating the enthusiasm of the cast. Especially good were Be Our Guest and Human Again.

Technical wizardry produced animated backdrops which added to the wonder of the show.

Direction by John Bowness, musical direction by Katie Hailstone and choreography by Katie Haywood made the production a sure-fire winner.

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